Thursday, 9 January 2014

In the beginning .. 

I learnt to crochet because  I cannot whistle ..REALLY.  At school the children used to play a game called the whistling pony game  and I could not whistle so they  barred me and I sat feeling rather dejected on the side of the playing ground

A short while later I went away with my Grandma Vera and Auntie Bubbles ( so called because she had curly hair as a girl like the Pears soap advert ) She was called that all her life

Anyway I  told them  about the pony game and they  suggested I learnt to crochet  and took me to buy some yarn, I distinctly remember the colours. I chose greys and pinks  and a bit of purple.

I used to sit  for hours and hours  in the porch  at playtimes making bigger and bigger granny squares. I was particularly fascinated about what I could do with the colours. I was about 9yrs old  at the time

I don't know what happened to those squares. No-oner got round to showing me how to sew them together. I used one to mend the leg on my favourite toy "Deda "  I still have Deda but I don't have the rest of the crochet.

Tonight I am crocheting  into metal hoops with  thread crochet but I have spent most of this holiday  "finishing things "..more on that another day are some pics

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  1. Wow Vicky, love it! Gorgeous colours - bright and cheerful, just what we need in this dull, damp weather! Carole Z X